Wednesday, September 24, 2008

airconditioning and cell phones

This is what was greeting me on the computer today

Wednesday day
Abundant sunshine.
Very hot.
High near 105F

Are you kidding me?
It is almost the end of September--
it is supposed to be cooling off?!
It wouldn't seem so bad
We have a swim meet and cross country meet today--
did i mention that they are both outside?
(Not that many cross country meets are held inside--
and the odds of us swimming in an indoor pool are rather slim also)
which means we will be standing in that
in the "Very HOT"--

Did i mention
that Monday WAS the first day of Autumn?
Did i mention that our air conditioner went out--last night--
Onto a happier note
(tongue in cheek)

once again--
the technology god's are plotting against me.
As much as i love to hate my cell phone
I really do miss it when it is gone--

I have decided that i need the old brick looking cell phone--

these new tiny things--that look like a pack of gum
are just asking to be lost--
just lost!
Of course, little man helps with the whole lost thing.
Maybe i just need to hang it around my neck

Where oh where can my cell phone be?
(sing with me)
Oh where oh where can it be
It's small and black
-----OH CRUM----
I can't remember the rest of the tune--
You get the idea though.

If i can't find my phone i will be looking for a new one
I really liked this model--
It has a camera phone--music--
and is large enough NOT to get lost


mindy said...

i hope you find your cell phone. i do however need to download my bday pics from jordyn's camera. ha ha. i have not even scrapbooked my china trip from 4 years ago! seriously, i still need help with the quillow. how are things with you?

Denise said...

so, I am thinking that this may be the only way to stay in contact with you. No phones, no emails, what's up?

Michael said...

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