Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I voted

Today was the primary elections--
and at 2 minutes to 7 i snuck in under the wire
to make my voice heard.
to make my vote count
This was NOT an easy task--
trying to find the proper place to cast my vote
was a real headache.
Could it have been any of the three places
that are close to my house--
and that have been used previously?
The answer to that is a
BIG fat NO!
Let's hide the polling place--
tuck it back in some obscure neighborhood
and then wonder why only 54 people turn out.
I thought i was the last voter at number 54--
as it turned out the let another woman skate in
under the wire at 7pm.
There was a question as to whether they should let her vote
but they decided they would not turn her away
since she made an effort.
As she was coming in she also was complaining of trying to find this place--
(Do you think there was a problem?)
I couldn't help but agree with her.
So lets hear it for those 55 people
who did their civic duty today--
Let it be known--
we are the only people in our precinct
who are allowed to gripe and complain
about the politicians--
because let's face it
if your not willing to take the time to at least
try to have your voice heard--
to make a difference through the voting system--
I say to you
why should your opinion matter otherwise?

If you have no will to change it,
you have no right to criticize it.
~Author Unknown

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John M said...

I haven't visited a polling place in two years now and I'm loving it. Absentee voting is what it is all about. I get the ballot in the mail at at my leisure when I'm done for the day (like at 1 am) I cast my vote. And they don't even make you put a stamp on the envolope - it's prepaid postage. I haven't figured out yet why everyone doesn't vote this way, but if carving some time out on a specific day and waiting in a long line (if it was a general election) gets you excited about the process, keep visiting your local polling place.