Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Capable of making a change

I am a very capable person--
I can do many things--
but over the years
I have decided that there are things
that even though
i can do them--
i would rather not.
What it really boils down to
is that if i HAD to do something
I could manage.
And although i choose to plead ignorance
when it comes to vehicle things
I am capable--
Sometimes i just hate being capable

Just yesterday i was saying
that unless you can change something
you can't complain about it.
So does this mean it is OK for me to complain about my little car?
I mean just today i did
the tire on that thing.

(OK how funny are these pictures--i happened to have my camera in the car and why not document my life--
the good...
the bad
and the ugly......)
Let me start by saying--
I love my car--
Not like LOVE-LOVE
but just love.
It is by no means fancy--
far from it--
If you consider door handles
and knobs and such
then this will definitely NOT qualify as fancy.
And then we won't even talk about the paint job
or the upholstery that is in such sad shape.
But i love the fact that it is paid for
that it gets me from point A to point B
relatively cheap.
I also love that it is light enough for me to push start
on those days that i have too--
I also love that I could change the tire--
when i had too--
15 minutes from start to finish
and the majority of the time was getting the stuff out of my trunk
so i could get the tire out.

I am also thankful that it was not like
150 million degrees outside today--
and i barely broke out in a sweat accomplishing this task.
Just one of life's reminders
of the many things i am capable of--

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The Armstrong Family said...

Wow, look at you! YOU ARE WOMAN! Changing your own tire. What an inspiration. I was feeling picked on because I had to do yardwork, and "men's work." Then I saw you, and it made me feel like I was not so picked on! Hee hee. Thanks for your continued inspiration. You have so many interesting things to share and talk about!