Tuesday, September 16, 2008

selling your soul for extra credit

Last night my son had me sign my name
to a number of papers
One of the papers was a permission slip
to watch a movie for extra credit.
This child needs the extra credit in this class--
I mean he really needs the extra credit.
Spanish is not his best class--
and i was thrilled that he could earn some extra points
to raise up his grade.
I mean how hard is it to watch a movie?
I read the description of the movie--
and then i felt the need
to go on-line and read more about it.
In my research I found that this movie was rated R.
I read the parental reviews
and even they were not sure as to why it was rated R.
My hubby called and spoke to the teacher
and she said that she had the administrations approval
to show the movie--
and that most of the foreign language movies
are rated R.
Once my son found out it was rated R he just assumed
that he wouldn't see it.
He was fine with that--
why am i struggling with it?
I guess it comes down to that whole GREY area--
He could really use those extra points
to raise his grade--
but is that what you sell out your moral beliefs for-
a few extra points?
And then do you base viewing movies on other peoples opinion?
I mean people rated the movie R for a reason--
and we have just gone with the hard and fast rule
of no R rated movies.

I used to watch R movies--
I will say that one of my most favorite movies IS rated R.
It is a story of eternal hope--
and friendship--
it does take place in a prison--
and things aren't always sunshine and flowers in prison.

This movie in question for my son
is a scary movie--
darkness abounds--
It looks like an interesting scary movie
(if you like those kind of things)
It won all kinds of awards
But I keep going back to that slippery slope--
that once you get on it--
is hard to get off.
You can just about justify ANYTHING.
Satan is counting on that--
He wants us in the GREY area--
because that brings us that much closer to darkness.
We need to avoid those things
that can take away our light--
even if it means
Hopefully he will be blessed for his choices!

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Annette said...

What a hard choice! There is definatly a Grey area.