Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday mishaps

Today is my first born sons birthday.
Quite a momentous day
since he
turned 16.

I am having a hard time
coming to terms with that.

When did this little punk grow up?

He is now legal to date?!!

GIRLS will officially be in the picture--

I use the plural since i don't want any ONE--

I would much rather have him date many
and have a good time doing it.

His father had told him that if he took out a different girl
each month he would pay for the date--
What was he thinking???
I guess time will tell if he takes his dad up on that deal.

Sixteen years old.
For the past sixteen years
I have been there for the monumentous occasions.
{as well as the not so momentous)
Like his birth.
{I was intricately involved in that one}
When he went to school.
When he was baptized.
When he had eye surgery.
When he turned 12 and was ordained a deacon
And then 14 when he was ordained a teacher
and i had planned on being there
when he was ordained a priest.
I think it is a pretty big deal--
seeing your son accept the responsibilities
of becoming a Priest,
and blessing the sacrament.
It makes me proud to see him advance in the priesthood.
To know that how he is living his life so that he is worthy to hold that honor.
And i would have loved to have seen him ordained--
see my husband in his rush after church
failed to notice that HALF of the immediate family was missing.
He went ahead and proceeded without me!
the woman who spawned this child,
who had horrible back labor with this child.
I was missing and yet unnoticed
until it was over
and all was said and done.
I am the same mom who days ago
wouldn't even think of missing the first day of school
with this kid.
And I know that there will be more first days of school,
but he will never be ordained a priest again.
That was a once in a lifetime
and i was missing---
and my husband wondered why i was upset.......


middle age mormon mother said...

Sometimes men are so clueless.

Denise said...

NO WAY!! I was going to call and tell you sorry that WE missed it. I don't feel so bad now. Wow, are you still talking?