Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random acts of aggresion

I was tagged by Jen
to post six random things about me
so in sticking with the boxing theme--
I am going to come clean
with my more aggressive side.

I am going to preface this by saying
I really am a nice person--
I have a kind soul.
i love
and peace.
But don't cross me.....
or watch out!
I was raised with three brothers
I thought I was one of the boys.
I was taught to take care of myself
and at times i did.

1. My first visit to the principals office occurred when i was in first grade.
It was right after we came back from Thanksgiving.
My birthday had been that weekend,
so as i was walking down the hall and the principal was asking me about my weekend
i remember thinking how neat it was that he was interested in my birthday.
i realize now that he was making idle chit chat--
because the minute we got into his office
that nice, happy, interested in me persona changed.
I am not saying that i did not deserve this visit to the principals office
but did he have to disguise it initially with niceness?
Yes, I did punch Stephen in the nose
(why can i remember this kids name and i can't remember friends from High school?)
Why? Because he was bugging me.
Yes, I told him to leave me alone
and no he didn't.
That is until i hit him--then he left me alone.
(bloody noses have the tendency to do that)

2. Having two older brothers that wrestled
i was often used as a wrestling dummy
(maybe dummy is not the right word)
well actually dummy might be
because i was dumb enough to believe them
when they would say it wouldn't hurt.
I gave up my dreams of becoming a contortionist
after being tied into a pretzel multiple times.
Although it was not what i would constitute as fun
it was informative,
and did provide the training that would help me out later......

3. Junior High (circa 1982)
I was living in Virginia at the time
and the junior high I attended was called
Jefferson Davis---
we were the "Rebels"
and the confederate flag
was proudly displayed.
Mind you this was years before everything had to be P.C.

During 7th grade i had an Art class that i just loved
My teachers name was Ms.Bristo
she was cool!
It was a rather relaxed class.
Harmones being what they are in junior high
there was a young black boy
who felt the need
to go around pinching the white girls butts...
mine included
until one day i had had enough
and used my wrestling moves to take the kid down
and out.
I had him pinned face down to the floor
and sat on him
and bounced on his back--
He did tell the teacher.
She told him that he probably deserved it.
(which he did)
And that he better leave me alone.
I told you it was a COOL class

4.Most of my close friends were guys
I dated a lot--but more as friends.
One of my guy friends
taught me to box.
Straight from the shoulder
he said
as i accidentally popped him in the nose
he declared the boxing lesson over.

5. Sophomore Year--High school drama
There was a baton twirler
girlie girl
who felt the need to spread some lies about me.
I hate few things more than gossip.
My mom came to pick me up
and was so proud of me when she observed me talking
to this young woman after school
resolving the situation.
Years later,
I explained to my mom
That i had threatened to beat the crap out of her
if i heard her saying anything else about me.
Thank goodness she didn't continue to spread those lies
cuz i woulda hurt her----
well maybe not
guess we'll never know.

6.Fast forward to my junior year
My dog of 16 years had passed away the night before
I was feeling bummed
and wanting quiet.
I was sitting in my History class
and we were supposed to be watching a movie
only the guy behind me had other ideas.
(he was on the golf team)
He could not keep his mouth shut.
I politely turned around and asked him to be quiet.
He then looked at me --
trying to be cool and impress those around him,
proceeded to tell me
"Excuse me what did you just say?"
And he had the nerve to repeat that statement.
"I said F----YOu!"
I turned around and faced the front of the class
anger building up
I don't know at what point
i lost all common sense--
but i snapped
and i turned back around
and sucker punched him in the nose.
A straight shot from the shoulder
just like i had been taught.
As i watched his head
reverberate backwards
even I was SHOCKED at what i had just done
I proceeded to tell him
to never speak to me like that again
(after all i was a lady?)
I then turned around
in complete disbelief of my behavior.
(again i remember the name of those i assault)
with his hands on his nose
said to me that if his nose was broken
he was going to sue me.
The next hour was lunch
and by the time i got to the lunch room
it had gotten around
I was the hero--
not a role i intended to play
especially not one to showcase my soft feminine side.
I don't remember many more conversations
between Don and I--
I do remember that he never spoke to me like that again.
Mission accomplished.

So there you have it
some random insight into my more
I would like to say I've changed
I can't think of anyone i have punched lately?
but i still don't put up with anyones nonsense--
it has come in pretty handy with my job.
I do try the nice side first--
and most times that does work.
Kindness and consideration goes a long way
I guess i have grown up a little....
But there are still those occasions where i end up

I want to know some bits of randomness from....
in no particular order......
Alli ....
and Lynn
like none of you have anything else to do
and anyone else who wants to play along--no pressure

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