Friday, August 1, 2008


Don't ya love a great big kiss?

In this case it was a Canadian Kiss.

While my children were in Canada they found their way to the Hershey Store

I can't blame them.
I mean really--
who can resist

a larger than life choclolate bar?

There were chocolate bars in the store that were the size of their heads.
When you have that much chocolate in your system you are bound to do things
that you would not normally do.
I guess in Canada public displays of affection are OK.
My conservative children even got in the act.
They were very involved with giving hugs
to a KISS.
I guess i can't be upset that they were involved with KISSES in Canada
I mean how cute is that

The other day she even gave me a hug and kiss in public.
It is amazing the emotions that come out
when you are buying stuff and spending money on them.
It took me by surprise but...
Atleast i know that she appreciated it.