Friday, August 22, 2008

Trying to raise an adult

There are days
when raising your children
makes you incredible frustrated.
In spite of all your best efforts
you wonder if they will be
hard working,
{among many other useful traits}
Now most of these traits
do not come naturally.
These are things that we continually work on,
and almost all of them are contrary to being a
The motto of a teenager
is similar to that of a two year old--
it is something like
"It's all about ME"
I have known some adults that continue to live by this motto.
They are not people that i generally want to be around
or hang out with for any length of time.
So with that in mind
when i find my children
acting in that manor
it makes me ever so crazy
and scares me to death.
I do not like that attribute
one little bit.
I wonder if i have failed--
will they be "THOSE" adults?
Those people who i don't want to be around
since they think the world revolves around them?!
I want to want to be around my children--
especially as adults.
This behavior makes me crazy mad
as few things make me madder
than continued self centered behavior
and i kinda loose it--
and then we have a meeting of the minds
{mostly mine}
Today I had one of those meetings
and i am happy to say
that there were
immediate changes.
What a pleasant surprise to see that
what i said
was heard
and actually listened to!
It gives me hope
that they will turn out OK.
That they will be the kind of adult
I want them to be.
Changes so drastic
that this child
payed for dear hubby and i
to go out to dinner
and even made the reservations!
I'm not sure--
do you think they were buying us off?
Whatever it was
it sure was


Jennifer said...


Seriously, your kids are going to be great. Look at their mama!

middle age mormon mother said...

I say get use to the me, me, me. You've got lots of teenage/young adult years ahead of you. It is wonderful though when you catch a glimpse of the adult that they will possibly someday become. Oh so sweet.