Tuesday, August 5, 2008

passing thoughts

I try to be positive
and not let too many things bug me--too much.

But there are a few things
that just yank my craw
(exactly where is the craw?
--never mind--
that will be a subject for another day)

Let's just say this just bugs me.....

Now if you are one of these people that do this atrocity
I beg you
change your evil ways---
and most important of all

Perhaps this has been bothering my more
because of my recent road trip.

Those of you who choose to travel in the passing/fast lane
without any acknowledgement of those around them--
you know those people
who are going faster than you are
those people
who want to pass you on the LEFT
which really is the proper lane to pass in--
but you are so oblivious to the fact
that there are actually other people on the road with you--
that you continue on your Sunday drive pace
in the fast lane.
If you are not going to move over--
please I beg of you--
keep your car in the right hand lane--
so those of us
who want to get somewhere--quicker
can pass you safely!

I am now finished with my tirade--
until the next time i find myself on the road with those who refuse to move over.

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