Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bewitching thoughts

I should be sleeping--
but I'm not.
There is something about a long drive
that keeps me awake
for hours after the fact--
maybe it is all the thoughts
i have been mulling through my brain.
I have gone so many different directions.
thunk so many thoughts.
Interested in some in site into this trap of mine?

Let's start with Bewitched.
The TV show
not the remade movie
(which even with Nicole Kidmans cute nose
was not good)
That was a show that i LOVED growing up
I was so intrigued every time they would say
"Now in Technicolor"
I had NO idea what technicolor was
but i figured it must be a pretty cool thing
if they were announcing it.
Yes, i lived in the stone age with a black and white TV.
We would even have to get up to actually change the channel.
I would try wiggling my nose
Samantha style
in hopes of it working
but alas.....

We still have to get up to change the channel most days
but it is not from lack of technology.
It is from lack of remotes.
Isn't it ironic that they are called "remotes"
since most of the time they are ......
During remote development
i bet they sat around thinking
"what should we call this thing?"
"Well since most of the time it will probably be lost
let's call it remote."
Yep, I'm pretty sure that's how it all went down.

So anyway
back to Bewitched....
The reason i started thinking about this show
was her ease in accomplishing things
when she became overwhelmed
or behind...
and as long as Darin didn't find out
everything would be OK---
but he usually found out and then would be upset.
Did he not fully appreciate the many things she had to do?

My mind was a flutter as i was driving
projects that i could envision
wood working.
So many things i want to do!

Here is wishing i could wiggle my nose
to make it happen.........


Annette said...

Amen Sister!

Mom said...

My grandma calls the remote a "puncher". I guess since she punches the buttons that's what she thinks it should be called. Funny huh? I bet she has some good stories about television back in the day!