Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back to school sadness

It is with great sadness
and with a heavy heart,
that i say
School start tomorrow.

Really i should feel sad
when they finish the school year .
But i am always so thrilled with the idea
of no schedule
and having them home
that i don't focus on them
finishing another year--
until it starts up again.

Then i can't help but think about
how quickly life is moving.
How they are getting older
more independent
more adult like
and how they will soon be moving on
to bigger and better things,
without me.
How our summers all together
are limited
How things are changing
and it fills my heart
with pangs of sadness.

Well i should clarify--
pangs of sadness for my older children--
because when it comes to the baby.....
honestly i will be counting the minutes till the bus comes
and will be doing the happy dance.
Sad but true.
I will have him for many more years--
he may be with me for life--
who knows?!

But i will miss the relaxed state of summer.
Making our own schedule
sleeping in because we can
and just having my kids around
to drive me crazy....

I like crazy....
and i will miss them like crazy.!

If there were no schools
to take the children away from home
part of the time,
the insane asylums
would be filled with mothers.
~Edgar W. Howe

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