Thursday, August 28, 2008

Necterine or Peaches

Just when you think you know someone
they throw a wrench into your assumed knowledge
and it hurts
You begin to doubt
anything you think you know about this person
wondering if you even know them at all.
You question everything--
and the DOUBT eats away at you.

About 10 years into our marriage
my husband was working out of the house.
Even though he was home most days
I rarely made him lunch.
On one rare occasion
I thought i would be nice and make lunch for my hubby.
This was not a everyday occurrence
so i thought it would make him happy

i proceeded to make him thee most spectacular sandwich
it was beautiful.
I should have taken a picture
because on the spectacular sandwich scale
it was a 10

It had toasted nine grain bread
beautifully ripe tomatoes
green leafy lettuce
rings of red onion
and thinly sliced cucumber
I believe it had roast beef
and pepper jack cheese.
(it might have been Provolone--
regardless of the particular type--it was cheese)
It was a thing of beauty!

I was proud of this sandwich
and the time i had taken to make lunch for my dear hubby
As i lovingly placed it on the plate
and carried it to my husband
in my best June Cleaver style--
i presented my work of art to him
expecting indebtedness and gratitude
or at least shock and awe.

He politely thanked me and took a bite.
I left feeling
oh so proud of myself
and my moment of pampering
of my dear husband
of 10 plus years.

I came back into his office
awhile later to find
this beautiful sandwich
barely touched.
I was dismayed--
I inquired as to why he had not eaten it?
To which he responded
"I wasn't that hungry"
I guess i could live with that response
I asked him if he liked the sandwich--
it was the next statement that sent me reeling
seeded in doubt.
He proceeded to tell me
"I don't like uncooked cheese"
"Yes, you do" I responded
"Have you ever known me to put cheese on my sandwich?"
I thought i had--
I guess after 10 years i didn't know him as well as i thought.
How could it be
that the man that i slept next to every night
didn't like cheese
and i didn't know it?
I vowed from that day on
I was never going to make him another sandwich--
I could not set myself up for that disappointment--
I wondered what other secrets
were lurking with in my husband
that i knew nothing about.
I guess that is why we have eternity together
to figure each other out.

So tonight i bought some nectarines.
I like peaches
but sometimes the "Fuzz"
bugs me.
I figured those in my household felt the same.
Nectarines are practically the same thing
only "fuzz free" --right?
After those in my house got over the disappointment
of Nectarines instead of Peaches
I was informed
"we like peaches better"
Do i not know anyone i live with?
When were they going to tell me?
What's next
Creamy over Crunchy?
Wait, I was wrong on that one also.
Next thing i will find out is
that they love skim milk?
I am not sure i could handle that one.
I am not sure i am ready for the truth.


Kevin said...

for the record I ate the sandwich, I just took off the cheese. Also, I knew my kids liked peaches over nectarines. Lastly I believe 10 years is plenty long enough to hold a grudge about making your husband a sandwich.

Melanie said...

Who said they all could have opinions and preferences anyway? :) I love that you commented Kevin.