Monday, August 18, 2008

monday frustration

This morning came early.
Actually it came at the same time it does everyday,
but my body and mind
were rejecting the fact that it was morning.
I felt like i was in a fog.
Walking, driving--functioning?
but still mentally asleep.
I could have closed my eyes
and been back to sleep in less than a minute--
but i didn't,
and i stumbled through till noon
and then the fog cleared
and i was awake--
Such a weird morning.

To add to the fog of the morning
was a lost cell phone.
I feel like this modern technology
is like a thorn in my side.
I am sooo in favor
of a phone implant.
That way, the only way it could be lost
would be if i misplaced my head.
And all i have to say is that on mornings like this,
it could be a possibility.

I ran around the house
calling myself
I called my husband
and had him call me at my moms.
Nothing but....
All the while i am looking--
I am telling myself
that i love my little one
(cursing him under my breath)
because i am sure that he has gotten it
and lost it somewhere in the house.
I checked all the bathrooms,
the sinks,
tubs and toilets.

There is nothing like the handicapped feeling
of being without your phone.
My lifeline,
and all my numbers
(which i have slowly been recovering from the Chicago loss--
call me so i can replace yours--if i haven't talked to you in a while)
I had given up
and sent my daughter home to look for it.
I was at my mom's
and imagine my surprise
when i heard a ringing
from under the love sacs.
What do you know--
there was my phone....
Probably where I left it on Saturday--
my little one had nothing to do with this disappearance.
I owe him an apology--well sorta.

So i finally had my phone back.
Important phone calls were being made--
and dropped.
{AHHH, i love modern technology.}
I was talking with the doctors office
and not once but twice
my call dropped.
Finally we got it worked out--
Only then my phone went dead
when i was talking with a friend
catching up--
(sorry D.L.)
So now i have a dead phone at my moms
and no way to charge it--
because my charger was in the Van
which the older daughter had taken to swim practice
(because i thought i wouldn't need the van)
Then the doctors office called the house
(remember the cell phone is dead)
and the younger daughter rode over to my mom's
to tell me that they wanted me to come in
And guess what
I couldn't find the keys to the other car
My poor daughter
had to ride back and forth
making calls for me
to her dad
the doctors office
and such.

After today
i am going to invest in
a telegraph machine--
or maybe work on my
smoke signals--
And then i am buying a horse--

I realize that technology
is supposed to make our lives easier
but today...
it just seemed to complicate my life
and fill it with frustration.

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