Thursday, August 14, 2008

SiNG--SiNG a Song

I had no clue that there is like
50 million versus to
"this little light of mine"
and i will probably not remember
any of them.
That's just the way my mind works
or maybe it doesn't work.?
thanks for your help
and now i know,
this little box that i randomly type into
well guess what----
it is the holder of any and all
useless and trivial information
(OK i already knew that but it slipped my mind)
Now i am trying to figure out a song that was in a movie.
don't actually have the words
but the tune is like this
so any thoughts?
OK fine--
sleep on it
and let me know in the morning.

Those that know me well
know that i am not known for my voice
at least not the one for singing.
I am not a HorRible, Horrible singer
just not a very good one.
I'm OK with the fact that i don't have that talent.
I have other talents,
and i am perfectly content to listen to others sing.
I enjoy sitting back and taking it in
without the pressure to perform.
I do like to sing and rock out on occasion.
Years ago when i was on a special ED route
we had to sing to keep one of our kids happy.
She liked to sing "Jesus" songs
we didn't know the songs she did,
so the other driver and i would sing primary songs.
It kept her happy
and she didn't care that I didn't sing so well.
I often find myself
wanting to sing while i am driving the bus.
(and when i sing i like to belt it out)
I have to continually remind myself
that there are people on the bus and
to refrain from singing
while i drive.
Some how i don't think they would appreciate
my primary songs or my other randon songs.
You never know the songs that pop into my head
Often the songs are soooo
I have no idea where they come from.
The problem with these random tunes
1. you can't get them out of your head
2. I often don't know all the words
So i am left making up lines to sing
or i keep singing the same line over and over again.
That is the case these past few days.
Will someone please tell me the rest of the words to
"This little light of mine"?
I know the next line is
"I'm gonna let it shine"
And yes i have been singing those two lines
over and over again
Isn't that a sign of being crazy--
doing the same thing over again
but expecting a different result?
Help me!
my sanity is depending on you
otherwise the next time you see me
I might be in a lovely white jacket
with really long sleeves that wrap around--
huddled in the corner
singing or humming to myself
"this little light of mine--
I'm gonna let it shine--
this little light of mine--
I'm gonna let it shine--
this little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
let it shine
let it shine
let it shine."
Wait I think that is the whole song
it's kinda like
"the song that Never ends--
it goes on and on my friends--
AHHH the insanity!
OK--i will stop right there
now that will be stuck in my head the rest of the day
will some one please find something else to fill that void
between my ears......


Kari Whiting said...

i read this post to corey and this was his response: yes it's called an mp3 played, get a good set of head phones, then you can belt it out as loud as you want and you won't hear the cries from the back of the bus.

Melanie said...

Tried to call you today, your message thing says the box is full so this is an attempt at making it fuller. And I think those are the only words that I know the end is let it shine let it shine let it shine. I'd sing it for you but you are not answering the device that you can hear me on.