Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exercise--what exercise?

Tonight was volleyball
you know

roll around

game point

And no i am not talking about the Olympics.
(although the game was on when i got home
and it was quite exciting--with the U.S. winning gold)

For the first time in about 10 years
i went and played volleyball at church.
It was some of the most fun i have had in a long time.

After running around
and getting all the kids where they needed to be
I figured i would just go down
and see what was going on.
I didn't really think i would be playing
so i hadn't changed my shoes
was still in jeans and a light sweater.
Needless to say i was a bit overdressed
for this event.

Earlier in the day I was with a bunch of ladies
and they were talking about running,biking and general exercise.
All of which does not thrill me.
My idea of running
involves someone chasing me and mortal danger,
and exercise for the sake of exercise
(while i know it is good for me)
involves precious time
and often i can think of something else I need to do.
But i have decided
that i am willing to get sweaty
(i mean perspire)
for the sake of fun.

Like, i enjoyed the mountain bike riding this summer
even though it was sleeting on us as we rode

I had forgotten how much i enjoy team sports
I had forgotten how much I like being the player
vs. my normal role of spectator
I had forgotten how much i enjoy playing volleyball
I had forgotten how competitive i am
I had forgotten how much i enjoyed getting sweaty
(actually i was glistening)
and for a moment i had forgotten that this
constituted exercise.
I also forgot that i am almost 40
I felt like i was in my 20's again,
until i tried to jump
and that extra 50 lbs held me to the ground
or when i landed on the ground
and felt like i needed one of those
"I've fallen and i can't get up" pagers.
Despite the years and the weight
I still managed to play well.
I think i surprised many around me.
I was sad to see the evening come to an end.
When i got home
I went preemptive
and dosed myself
with drugs---
because i was sure
i would feel the effects of my night...
in the morning.
I slept like a rock
or like i had exercised
and in the morning
I felt great with a few minor aches and pains.

Next week i might actually
don shorts
and sneakers
and wear a t-shirt.
{and buy stock in a pain relief company}
I mean if i am going to play
i might as well look the part.....

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middle age mormon mother said...

You're the woman! The last time I played church volleyball it was with Lucille and she kept pushing me out of the way to hit the ball because she was afraid I was going to miss it - again. Maybe next week I'll come and be your cheerleader. Rah, Rah!