Saturday, August 2, 2008

Swimming at grandma's

We started the summer
at my mother in laws swimming.
And tonight we finished it there as well
I even got in the pool.
When was the last time i went swimming with my kids?
I could hardly remember.
I did get in at Gisela
but most of the time I have an aversion to water.
I don't like to be cold and wet
and then if it is not refreshing
what is the point?
Where the temperature is concerned
there is a real fine line for me.
But i did get in
and even got my head wet.
And now i have water in my ears
which is bugging me.
but it was fun
being goofy
and splashing around.

The baby amazed me!
He has never been afraid of the water
which scares me to death
but i saw hope
that he would/could learn how to swim.
He had on his life jacket
and this kid was kicking his legs
and moving his arms.
It was a HUGE milestone.
We did take off his jacket and worked with him,
it was so much fun to see the progress
he has made.
Now i have to figure out a pool
where he can continue to get in
and work the rest of the year--
so he won't forget everything he has learned.
That alone made getting in worth it.

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