Thursday, August 7, 2008

Simple blessings to be thankful for

I haven't had very many DEEP thoughts today
or maybe I have had deep thoughts
but they were just short in length
vs. depth.
The thought that ran through my brain today
was the simple things I am thankful for.

(not that they are simple)
and i am so grateful for the fact
that i have been able to stay friends
with those that are living far away!

A bus with air-conditioning
(do i really need to expound on that one)
I will just say that i was the envy of work
with my sweet air-conditioned ride that i was driving

A sewing machine that works
especially when i am in
"crunch time"

love that wet stuff
especially this time of year
when it brings down the heat!

Some BeAuTifUl Sunsets
mostly because of the storms coming in

My Kids
and the love they show for their
little brother

When you think of life,
think first about the blessings you have.
Don't focus on misfortunes,
for they are but a faint shadow


Lisha said...

Kaycie told me about your blog. So did the Bishop. So I decided to check it out today. It was fun reading thought it. I'll be back again!:)-Lisha Hoopes

Kari Whiting said...

hey lady. i love reading your blog! thanks for all the great things you write! somedays you write just what i need to hear and im glad for that! oh a different note... what week are you all going to rocky point. i was talking to corey about it today and the thought of not going made me SO sad. i don't think corey would be able to go but if i could i would love to. but i might drive everyone crazy with my two boys, but anyways if you could let me knoow what week it is i'd appreciate it thanks