Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blessed is being a friend

I am thankful
for so many things!
i am blessed
even in my trials and frustrations
I know i have people
around to support me.
I hope i see their needs....
I hope i am supporting them......
A wise man once said this
and i thought I would share it

"If you sometimes get discouraged,
consider this fellow.

He dropped out of grade school.
Ran a country store.
Went broke.
Took 15 years to pay off his bills.
Took a wife.
Unhappy marriage.
Ran for House.
Lost twice.
Ran for Senate.
Lost twice.
Delivered speech that became a classic.
Audience indifferent.
Attacked daily by the press
and despised by half the country.
Despite all this,
imagine how many people all over the world
have been inspired by this awkward,
brooding man
who signed his name simply,
A. Lincoln."
(Wall Street Journal.)

'It is important to know,
when you feel down,
that many others do also
and that their circumstances
are generally much worse than yours.
And it's important to know
that when one of us is down,
it becomes the obligation of his friends
to give him a lift.

I hope that each of us
will cultivate a sensitivity
toward the feelings of others,
and when encouragement is needed,
make an effort to extend it.
Be a friend,
and you will have a friend.
God be thanked
for wonderful friends.'
--Gordon B. Hinckley,
"Strengthening Each Other,"
Ensign, Feb. 1985, 3


Kari Whiting said...

this is so funny cause i was just telling corey how i have been here for 6 months now and i still don't have any friends. it has been getting me pretty sad lately and he just keeps telling me kari you have to be a friend to have friends. be the friend that you would want and then you'll find that friend your looking for. it amazing how smart he is!

middle age mormon mother said...

So was this post suppose to make me feel guilty or grateful. I guess I'll choose grateful, because I manage to feel guilty often enough on my own.

Mom said...

You are a friend I am grateful to have in my life. Thanks for everything you have done for me and my family! Love ya! Kim

Annette said...

I am the one that is truly blessed to call you friend. I don't know what I would have done with out you the Spring of 1999.