Tuesday, August 26, 2008

political Olympics

I am going through
an Olympic withdrawal.
For two weeks
there was no question as to what we would watch.
It was as if there was only one station on the TV.
(which when i lived in Germany really was the case)
Not having to change the channel is a good thing
especially when you can't find the remote.

I watched the closing ceremonies
and i felt like it was a let down.
How do you culminate
two weeks
of amazing athletic feats?
And what about those athletes
that for years have trained for these two weeks
Call it postpartum olympic blues.
i am sure that many felt let down with it ending--
for many this was their one shot at perfection
never to happen again.
For others they will go home and start training
for four more years.....

More than missing the athletic prowess
and the not having to change the channel
I miss the way the country was brought together.
The pride we all felt each time
one of our countrymen (or women)
were at their best
Watching them receive their medal
especially the gold
and seeing the flag
our countries flag
raised in their honor.
Our country was brought together
we were unified
we felt pride for the
"land that we love"
and it has all ended.

No sooner had the flame
of camaraderie and sportsmanship
been extinguished
but the political nonsense started.

All those wonderful feelings
of being unified and brought together
ended in one fell swoop
with the start of the political conventions.
It is sorta like the Olympics...
well boxing anyway....
the political convention is like watching a bout
with white collar boxers

the jabs
the dirty fighting
the hitting below the belt
the intentional fouls

and each time a blow is thrown
the next day a counter punch is delivered
and sometimes they bring in an outside fighter
who will deliver an upper cut of their own.

No one is willing to throw in the towel
they all want to go the distance--
Come November 4th
i am hoping that this country
will be saved by the bell.
And that all this divisive behavior
can be put aside.
I just hope we won't have to have the Olympics
to bring our country back together
it might be a long wait......

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