Saturday, August 23, 2008

Avoidance, lunch and power shopping

So many things to do
so little time
so i avoid them.

I have been avoiding my house
It needs a deep cleaning
I need to do laundry
I am lacking in desire and motivation
(are desire and motivation similar items?)
So instead of working on this monstrosity of a mess
i avoided it
and gave service instead
by helping clean someone elses mess.

Why is it sooo much easier
to deal with other peoples messes
than your own?
It was also much more fun
working with someone
talking and enjoying the day.

Then i got to enjoy a late lunch
with some girlfriends.
{again avoiding the house}
Thank goodness for birthdays--
it seems we need an excuse to get together
and that is it.

After lunch
i did some casual shopping
{how long can i stay away?}
then drove to the house
grabbed the girls
headed to the mall
with some specific shopping in mind
and we were in and out with packages in hand
in less than an hour
and that included trying on clothes.

I had now run out of excuses
I was going to have to face the mess.
Face what i had been avoiding.

Often i wish for the cleaning fairies to come
while i am away.....
and today they did.
After avoiding the house all day
I walked into a much improved house.
Not perfect by any means
but definitely improved!
What awesome cleaning fairies i have--
disguised as my children?!
Can i say
What a pleasant surprise!!!
I guess sometimes if you avoid something long enough
the problem really does remedy itself.....


middle age mormon mother said...

I'm jealous! Does that mean you can come and help me clean my mess now? Or better yet - send the cleaning fairies.

I enjoyed lunching with you. You are the best!

mindy said...

stop avoiding me. i feel neglected that i did not get to go to lunch with you. ha ha. sounds like you are doing well. still need to come get some scrapbooking ideas!