Sunday, August 3, 2008

back to school photo's

Last week my work contacted me
to see if i could come in and help out with a route
in the mornings.
the first day of school.
Since they are short drivers
they were in dire need
and for a brief moment--
a very brief moment--
i actually considered it?!

What was i thinking?

I am not normally a guilt ridden mom
and i am not super nostalgic
(although i do have my moments)
But the thought of missing the first day of school,
missing the back to school pictures?

was i going to be party to that!

So i let them down easy
and told them I would come in on Tuesday,
but Monday was NOT going to happen.
I couldn't live with the guilt
if i had missed this event.

So the dreaded first day came
whether i wanted it to or not
I tried to cover my head and ignore
the fact that it was here.
But those that were headed off
needed me to take their pictures
and imagine my surprise when i went outside
and it was on the cool side?
What a nice change!

So here they are
those pictures i couldn't live without
these two are the first ones out the door. This year the bus stop is right in front of our house.

They are also the children in uniforms.
Today they wore the wilder side of the colors that they are allowed--

The next one out was my sophmore

sporting brace free teeth this year

he better get going on his liscense,
since his ride is a senior
and won't be around much longer

then my little one waited for the bus to come

and how cute is the Elmo back pack

he was busy letting the dog know how much he was going to miss her. I don't think she felt the same because when the bus came she was barking for joy and didn't stop until it had pulled away.

and the last one out the door was my senior. She gets to sleep in a bit this year since she has no first hour.

And as the last one pulled away
i realized i was all alone
back to my routine
(whatever that is)
and a smile crept up on my face
and i did a small happy dance.


middle age mormon mother said...

So, when did your kids get so grown up? They all look marvelous! All that shopping paid off big time. However I'm a little worried. Does your husband know about your infatuation with Elmo??

Denise said...

cute school pictures...sadly, I missed mine. It's a little hard to remember the camera when we are rushing out the door at 6:15am...needless to say, it didn't happen. By the way, I fill the "guilt ridden mom" role in the's taken, sorry.