Monday, August 25, 2008

missionary meals

I love the rain.
The last time we had the missionaries it rained
we had them again tonight
and it rained....

I am beginning to see a pattern.

I love having these young men for dinner.
They are an great example for my children.
They are a great example of service
and the love of God.

I love having them
because i think of their parents
Wondering if they are being fed
Wondering if they are being taken care of...

I have had friends who have sent out their boys
and hopefully one day i will be doing the same.
I hope that when that day comes
there will be families
willing to open their doors
and invite my child in
to share a meal and a thought.

And just so you know
they really liked
breakfast for dinner--
i found out
(not that i had any doubts)
that young men will eat about anything.
In fact in was dessert and breakfast--
waffles with ice cream,strawberries and chocolate syrup.
Not to worry--
We did throw in some healthy food
after all they are growing boys.....

1 comment:

middle age mormon mother said...

So, did you discuss porn or R rated movies at dinner with the missionaries, or did you give your children a reprieve?