Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic party

Tonight was the first night of the Olympics
only we were watching what was happening tomorrow
or today in China.
It is so confusing!
is it today or tomorrow?
morning or night?
north, south--
I just don't know anymore.
Regardless of my state of confusion
we had Chinese take out
in celebration of the fact that the
Olympics were on.
Well not really
but it did seem rather festive
party like
when you say that.
We were watching it on my moms bigscreen
(thanks for the use of the cottage this summer)
and i will go on record as saying
i think the gymnists were life size.
as we watched gymnastics
at the incredible things
that they can do with their bodies.
We enjoyed the swimming
(it's our thing--what can i say?)
I wish/hope
Michael Phelps
will get his teeth fixed when all is said and done.
And can we hear it for
41 year old mom's
who are ripped
and kick some kid butt
in the pool!!!
I know she can't hear me
or any of the athletes for that fact
GO USA!!!!
can i just say
I just love the Olympics!

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