Friday, August 29, 2008

morally wrong music

I love music!
different genres--
Quite often i really don't listen to the words
it is the rhythm and the beat
that draws me in.
Sometimes I know the words and sing along
without really hearing what is being said.
then when i actually listen to the words
i am occasionally appalled.

How about the song
lips of an angel?
It has a great tune
but what he is saying....
"his girlfriend is in the next room
sometimes he wishes it was her (instead)
if she knew
she would be mad"
ya big dummy!
maybe you shouldn't be cheating.
Hang up the phone--
save the heartache--

OK i know it is just a song
but is it?
Or is it a reflection on what is acceptable
in our society today?

I have a new song that i am currently feeling disturbed over
15 weeks it has been on the billboard charts
Spending 7 weeks at #1
It has a great beat
it is a fun song--
but when you really listen to the words
when you hear a young woman idly singing it--
it kinda gives me the willies.
"I kissed a girl and I liked it--
the taste of her cherry chap stick--
I kissed a girl just to try it--
it felt so wrong--it felt so right--"
I am sorry--
they are trying to sell that lifestyle
as fun and acceptable

I do not have to accept that as OK!
I realize that i am not being politically correct--
and i am OK with that

Nothing is politically right
which is morally wrong.
Daniel O'Connell

Just one more way the media is chipping away
at the moral fiber of our society
at our principles---

particularly moral principle--
can never be a weather vane,
spinning around this way and that
with the shifting winds of expediency.
Moral principle is a compass
forever fixed
forever true.
Edward R. Lyman
And that is all I have to say about that--
for now.......

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