Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Calculators and Cars

Remember years ago when calculators were used
to add and subtract numbers.
Simple things.
Not anymore--
I think you can now figure out quantum physics
or something equally as complicated,
right in the palm of your hand.
Not that i have ever done quantum physics,
or even have a clue as to what it is.
But i bet if i had a new calculator i could figure it out.
Now days these calculators
do more than our first computer could,
and much faster as well.

My husband just informed me
that the #1 punks new calculator
cost $80.00
For that price this calculator should do magic tricks.
Oh wait, it did.
We started out with $80.00 in our wallet
and it disappeared.
He told me it was a graphing calculator.
Does that make it like an etch a sketch or something?
I just want to know if it will guarantee her an "A"?
I would pay at least $80 for that.

NOW onto the CAR portion of this entry
otherwise known as

"One of these things doesn't look like the other"

sometimes i feel like i am the square peg
trying to fit in the proverbial round hole.
Today as i pulled up to my sister-in-laws house
I felt like the redneck cousin.
or maybe the redheaded step child
(but since i have a redheaded friend i won't say that)
As i was looking at the line of the other in-laws cars
(we were all there for a lunch to welcome the nephews fiance' into the family)
I was too intimidated to park my car in the same row as everyone else's.
I am not much on name brands
and when it comes to cars
i could care less about prestige
i figure as long as it gets you from
point A to point B
it really doesn't matter
the name brand on it.
That is,
unless you are trying to Valet park.
And then it is a tad embarrassing when you "have" too
and the door handles are broken on the doors
(i figure it keeps the car jackers out)
That was not the car i was driving today.
Oh how i digress.
I was driving my Chevy Astro van.
The rest of the cars were also Chevy's,
but that was where the similiarities ended.
All the rest were either
Tahoes, Yukons or Suburbans
(yes, that is plural because it was a long line of cars and more than one of each)
and then throw in the occasional Escalade.
(I kid you not--I only wish i had a camera)
So i parked my
in the drive-way.
Away from the shiny
cool rimmed
gas guzzlers.
(i call them all those names but if you gave me one i would take it!)
It really doesn't matter what I drive
cuz after all
I am the
And in my own words.
I am their favorite.
Even if it is not true.
I believe it!
Even if my cars NOT.


Melanie said...

Mom mobiles are definitely cool. It could have been worse you could have been driving the geo:)

Denise said...

so, I was going to say that I resented that remark, but maybe I should say that I resemble that remark??!!!

middle age mormon mother said...

I love you because the kind of car you drive doesn't really matter that much. The word that I think describes you best is REAL and your cars are definitely real. Think the velveteen rabbit with all the fur rubbed off his ears - well used and loved a lot. Your vehicles are not ugly, just loved.