Saturday, August 16, 2008

olympic awe

I feel that i have been remiss in my writing.
Lately by the time the evening rolls around,
i am sooo tired and bleary eyed
that i can barely put two thoughts together
let alone a whole sentence.

I have been burning the candle at both ends--
but those days are soon over.
Along with the rest of the world
I have been staying up late to watch the

Every four years
I find myself in this sleep deprivation.
I really remember it starting with the 84 Olympics.
We were living on the east coast at the time
and we had to deal with the 3 hour time difference.
I remember staying up many late nights
to watch men's volleyball
and Mary Lou get her gold in gymnastics.

There are certain things in life that are monumental.
Events that change the world,
and you remember where you were
when it took place.
I was too young to remember Mark Spitz
and his 7 gold medals
(although years later we went to the pool in Germany
where it took place)
I have heard a first hand account about this event
from someone who was also there swimming,
and it was interesting to hear their perspective.
It is amazing that the gold medal record stood for as long as it has
And if you watched any of the events
you know it was not a easy feat.
Shall we talk about his 100 butterfly?
One one hundredth of a second--
it was Michael's to lose--
and yet he won.
Is Michael Phelps the greatest swimmer/Olympian ever?
That will be debated--
but on this particular week
against those particular athletes
he managed to put together perfect swims.
All those medals are not his alone.
He needed his teammates to be at their best
for a few of them.
These medals are his moms, his families, his coaches and teammates.
All these people helped to make him better.
They have been there supporting him
pushing him--perfecting his talent.
And for this week
he was perfect!
Maybe this will never happen again.
Maybe it will be another 36 years before it will happen.
But until that day
I will remember sitting at my moms
watching it take place on the big screen
cheering for Michael
cheering for our country
and all those representing it.
Filled with amazement and awe.

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