Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shoe shopping

My feet are tired--
very tired!
and my feet weren't even the ones trying on shoes.
They were just the feet along for the money.

So here we are at homecoming time--
daughter got asked the other day
for another schools homecoming--
she is excited.
We already had the dress--
got it last year
and we already tried it on to make sure it fits
(it did--eliminating our previous fun)
But what is a dance
without some fashion drama?
I figured it would be simple to solve--
black shoes and black accessories--
a staple in any girls wardrobe--
We already have several pairs of black shoes
but according to the daughter
none of the shoes were right--
and in being the good mom--
and lover/sucker for shoes i obliged
and went along for the fun.
How hard could it be to find black shoes?
We found
and lots,
and lots,
of black shoes--
just not the right black shoes--
I went into any
and every store--
that had a single shoe in it.
Here is some excerpts from some of our discussions
regarding all these shoes
"Those are too high"
"those are too short"
"Too Skinny"
"Too Chunky"
"The strap isn't tight enough"
"My feet slip out"
"Those pinch"
"Are they supposed to hurt already?"
"I don't like my toes peeking out"
"Do you really think i could walk in those?
--I would break my neck"
"Those look like Hooker shoes"
(to this i responded that the politically correct term is
Working Girl--
and the shoes went with the clothes that were in the store)

While shopping I saw many cracks--
but the one that my daughter found the most repulsive
was the toe crack when the top of the shoe
smooshed her toes together and didn't cover that area--
It is enough to make a shoe lover go barefoot.

I have decided that shoes should not be sold in
or stores the size of a Costco.
It is enough to give you shoe overload.
It made me feel dizzy to see all the
and rows
and rows
of shoes.
At one of the last stores
(and it would have been the last store--if only...)
I thought we had found a winner
not too high or skinny,
no toe cleavage...
but she wanted the smaller size--
which they didn't have.....
Who thought finding basic black shoes
would be this hard?

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