Sunday, October 19, 2008

Memories of roller skating

It is amazing of the things that can trigger memories.
Sometimes it is a smell--
a place-
a look
or maybe an outfit
or perhaps a song.
Tonight it was a TV show.

In watching the show Cold Case,
it transported me to my early teens.
They show was about a girl
who was really good at roller skating.
The music and events made me remember
my many evenings at the skate rink.
Oh the teenage drama--
it makes me laugh thinking about it.
It was what we did--
living in Germany
we didn't have a mall to hang out at.
We were limited in our entertainment--
so rollerskating it was.
Those were good times--
innocent and fun--
and i was a pretty good skater---
and as much fun as i had skating
and hanging out at the roller rink--
times have changed....
and it is one of those things
that i would now think twice about letting my kids do it.
Oh the world we live in......

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