Monday, October 13, 2008


I am so tired!
It has been some busy days and nights
trying to finish up my moms house.
She has been gone for the summer--
and we had many project to accomplish...

We had plenty of time to get them done...
and yet?.......

So here it is
the last minute
and we are working our fingers to the bone...
burning the candle at both ends.

My dear sweet friend Liz
came and helped me clean the mess that had been made--
she worked like a slave...
she even did the windows.
(they have never looked so good)
It was so much fun working together

So here are some pictures of what has been occupying my time

We finally worked on getting up the blinds on the front window
(While a large picture window is nice for seeing out--
it also means that people can see in)
It was not as easy as it seems--
since we had to drill into block wall
We had found these blinds
(which had been a returned special order)
for way cheap---
which meant that we had some altering/adjusting to do
since the valance was missing
and this was what i came up with--

not bad in one day?!

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Annette said...

you are amazing LeighAnn!