Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cookbooks and storage

We have a sickness in our family--
I inherited it from my mom.
And i think my oldest is coming down with it as well.
We LOVE cookbooks.
We LOVE to read cookbooks
and can often be found browsing through them for "FUN"?
Maybe it is because we know we will like the ending in the story?

In my mom's case she can claim them for work--
she owned a cooking school for years
has taught cooking out of her home
and even taught Home EC and Culinary Arts
in Junior High and High School.
Now in my case....
I love to read them
look at the pictures--
and salivate over the recipes,
but when it comes to actually cooking--
something gets lost in the translation.
My dear hubby who does most of the cooking
just manages to pull it out of his head.
He doesn't need NO STINKIN' book--
infact he resents it when i suggest it.

The problem with loving cookbooks is storage.
I had a bookcase in my kitchen--but that became too small.
I got an island that had book storage on on side

and again too small.
I have gone through the books and gotten rid of those
that i knew i hadn't used much
it did help for awhile....
I gave those books to my mom to take to her school
for reference---
in going through her books this summer,
I found that not all of them made it to her school.

She has needed some cookbook storage for awhile now.
We wanted to do something so that all the books were together.
We decided that while the bookcases
on either side of her kitchen were working-
they weren't very pretty.

We decided that we would get cabinets that matched her cabinets
So off to Lowes i went to get them ordered.
I already knew what we wanted/needed
which is NOT how they normally work--
they could hardly believe it.
We had them delivered to the store
to save $175.00 delivery fee
When they came in--

I knew they would all fit in my van

the guy who was helping my load had his doubts.
It was hardly even a challenge.

Now if only installing them had gone so easy.
It was supposed to be a piece of cake, But....
I ran into a bit of a snag with two of the cabinets being made differently than the others.
I love when you know there is a solution
and you are challenged to find it.
With the help on a friend
we figured it out.
I think they turned out pretty good

I thought she would have plenty of room for all her cookbooks
plus some dishes and other stuff underneath.
Well she did have room for all the cookbooks--
that's it--nothing else.
I have recommended a purge for her as well--
so the other night she started--
a few hours later she emerged with SIX.
I guess SIX is a start...

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middle age mormon mother said...

O.K., these make my "new" birthday shelf look a little less exciting. Maybe someday when I'm rich I'll upgrade. At least I know who to take to Lowes with me to place and pick up my order when it happens!