Friday, October 24, 2008

The PERFECT shoes

So as of Friday
we still needed the perfect shoes for Homecoming.
We tried Kohls and a few other stops--
I found a pair that i felt would work--
but again the response was
I am getting frustrated-
enough with this homecoming shopping fun.

So the daughter says to me
"Mom,,maybe you should go back and get those one shoes
from that one store.
Do you remember which store they were at?"
How is that for vague?
Yes, i did remember--
because I had suggested that we go ahead and pick them up--
because they really were the perfect shoe--
and that would have been our last store--
I also knew it would eliminate a trip back to the mall.
But NO...
we needed more shoe drama.
So tonight--
while daughter #1 went to homecoming with her date--
daughter #2 and i went and picked up the shoes,
bought the headband for the hair,
and picked out a black clutch.
Daughter #2 did a good job of watching out for her sisters best interests.
She even tried on the shoes--
and she knew right away that they were the perfect ones.

Mind you we had done most of the legwork the week before--
but we were in and out of the mall in less than an hour--
and that included browsing through Virgin--
and buying some movies and a new I-Pod case for her-
after all she should get something for playing the role of
Personal Shopper.

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