Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ode to Whitney & Fall Break

Just so my friend Whitney doesn't feel like she is alone--
I figured i would post pictures of my lovely little man.

At first glance it looks like he got into chocolate frosting--

but NO--

Those are the scrapes that are healing.

Not even a tear or complaint from him...
when he crashed with his brother on the scooter.

They have been riding like this for many years--
(this picture is from my archive)
They are rather proficient at this mode of transportation
it seems like it would be safe enough....
safer than the two of them on a bike---
so i thought....

I was informed that he had fallen off--
actually they hit a rock and tumbled--
My other son informed me
"Mom, he is one tough dude--he didn't even cry"

So the real question is
"Will i receive a call from the school when he goes back?"
inquiring about his various fall break injuries?

Maybe there is a reason they call it
"fall break"
According to the nurses and doctor at urgent care
(which we had the lovely opportunity to visit
upon our return from Mexico--)
that they have been kept rather busy with "breaks".
Ours was not a break--
at least not a bone--
it was broken blood vessels-
still painful
but it only required a wrist brace--

one that was made in Mexico--

I guess we could have just stayed there
and saved them having to ship it--
AHHH the things that will continue to remind of us
of our "fall break"


Whitney said...

Aahhh, poor little guy. At least his own mother didn't drop him. I still don't feel better.

Michelle Aguilar said...

Oh it always looks worse then it is at times. Ok well hope it heals nicely.
take care