Saturday, October 4, 2008

little man and the phone store

Not too long ago my phone was –
hmmm shall I say, "misplaced"?
I thought that little man had been the culprit behind the missing phone.
He has a love,
I mean LOVE,
for phones and anything that is expensive and electronic.
We have tried putting the phones up high
And somehow he still manages to get them.
So when my phone came up missing,
I quickly jumped to the conclusion that he was to blame.
I looked in the place that I remembered having it last—
(which was the hubby’s car)
And did not find it.
Even my husband looked in his car—to no avail.
We figured it was dead and lost in the house somewhere.
For a week I was phoneless—
My life stopped that week.
How did we ever live without cell phones I ask you?
All my #’s were again lost—
If you think this blog entry sounds familiar it sorta is related to this one...
(this is getting to be a regular occurance in my life these days...)
During this time I was working at my mom’s
And she had gotten rid of her land line—
So I truly was disconnected from the world.
I guess my husband got tired of not being able to get a hold of me
And started phone shopping.
We were going to have to change carriers anyway
since my wireless carrier had been bought out.—
He figured it would be as good a time as any
To get a family plan.
He asked me what kind of phone I wanted
And my response was
“One that won’t get lost,
and that is bigger than a pack of gum”
I really don't care about the way it looks so much
(or so i thought)
And all the bells and whistles—
I just want a phone that is little man proof.
The new phones arrived on a Monday night
And when I opened the box—
I was not impressed.
It was a pale blue color—
I wanted/needed something that would stand out-
That wouldn’t get lost or blend in with life.
So off to the Verizon store,
in search of the right phone for me
Since it was family night we had the kids with us—
Figured we would make it a family outing.
As soon as we had walked in the door--
Little man was in electronic heaven.
A trip to Disneyland couldn’t have made him happier.
He went around trying out every phone they had—
He would pick it up—HELLO…HELLO he would say into each and then he was off to the next one in line to repeat the same process. Needless to say he was on cell phone overload-
And then add to it computers and touch screens—
What to play with next was his only question.

As I browsed around the store
My husband did the negotiating on price
I looked,
And pondered
Trying to find the perfect—
Virtually indestructible—
“Can’t get lost phone”.
This is what I came up with—

While safety orange was not my first choice in color
(I would have preferred red)
I figured it was a safe bet for standing out.
It reminded me of a communicator from Star Trek
“Beam me up Scotty”
When you opened it up

It has this cool surfer dude

Then I read the features—
important for those times it will get dropped
(Actually since I originally wrote this it has taken a leap off of the top of the football bleachers...and is still alive to talk about it)

(that way when I say shocking things it won’t die on me)

And most important of all
(say it isn’t so!!!)
It might as well said
“Little Man can’t hurt me”
I was in LOVE.
We walked out of the store that night
With the new phone in hand—
I was now able to communicate with the world—
And guess what the hubby found the next day---
YEP—you guessed it.
my boring black—
size of a pack of gum—
dead cell phone.
The real sad thing is that for a week
we had both been blaming little man for the loss—
Where was it you might ask?
In the car that we had both looked in.
I think secretly it wanted to be replaced.....

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