Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The black hairy beast

We're friends here, right?
You won't judge me too harshly--will you?
I want to come clean--
about my cleaning--

I have been vacuuming anything and everything that won't move--
much to my dogs dismay.
She (the dog) HATES the vacuum--
she will run in fear at the site of it being moved into a room where she is at.
She cowers in fear at the sound of it--
She is one of those things that i would vacuum--
if she didn't move so fast--

We love this dog--
In the past she was the motivator
to get my husband out of bed and running.
She has been such a good companion for little man.

Not unlike Lassie,
she told me when he had wandered outside by himself.

She proves to be valuable as an alarm
to notify us when the bus is outside--
and continues to be patient with little man
as he climbs on her.

She doesn't mind sharing her bed with little man,

so why should we mind sharing ours?
The minute my husband walks up the first step out of our room in the morning--she is staking out his side of the bed.
(much to his dismay)

My dog is spoiled--

she thinks she is human

She thinks she is a small petite thing
and tries to be a lap dog

she thinks she needs pillows to be comfortable on the floor.

When we are not around she likes to lounge on furniture.

I don't mind the bean bag so much
she likes to spread herself out on the couch
and get real comfy.
(little man has been known to invite her up to hang out with him--
and being the good dog
she is obliges as to not hurt his feelings.)

I don't like her on the furniture--
but not unlike my children
she has selective listening.
And when she gets caught she shows her remorse as she slinks away.
She works under the premise
that it is better to ask forgiveness than permission

But the biggest difference between her and my children
is that she sheds--
she sheds black hair--
it is rather gross
and if she wasn't so sweet and wonderful--
it might have been a deal breaker
for her coming to our house.
(I had no clue what i would be in for when we got her)
We all have flaws--
she can't help it--
I mean there are far worse things she could do.?

As I was on my mad vacuuming in the living room
I found evidence that she spends far more time
on the couch than i previously thought.
My couch has a channeled back
(for those not familiar with furniture terms-- that means those vertical creases held in with buttons--not the diamond shapes--that is tufting)
Which, when i started to vacuum
did not appear to be too bad--
that was until i opened up these crevasses--
NASTY black dog hair filled these cracks--
it was soooo DISGUSTING--
she was busted--big time.
I went to town with the vacuum
removing all evidence of her misbehavior
I did not want to have black hairy cracks--
the cracks are now clean
and she has been banished--

If only we could remove all unwanted hair that easy....

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