Wednesday, October 15, 2008

dining room improvements

It was amazing the many things that i was able to
accomplish at my mom's house this summer.
We fondly refer to her house as the summer cottage--
since she has cable/dish
it makes working over there more enjoyable.

Last year we tore out a wall

it turned into a fun family home evening
as we drew on the front side

before we took out the entire wall.

It was amazing how it opened up the space.
What had previously been a 3 foot wide hall
made quite the difference in the overall dining room space.

So with this open space
I started looking for a new dining room table
to fit in the area.
I knew what i wanted.
(you would think this was my house--
since i had such an opinion)
In my travels this summer I found the perfect table.
I had wanted a round table that opened up for when she had family over.
The chairs on the other hand were not quite as perfect--
but i could see the potential.
It is amazing how certain styles of furniture/fabric
scream out the era that they had been popular.
These chairs said to me
UGLY 80's--
early 90's

I couldn't stand the fabric
and found something i liked much better,
that would blend the three rooms together

I had mentioned to my mom about the table and chairs
and had told her that they would need to be redone.
I had decided to get them finished before she got home.
She was due to arrive on Wed. afternoon--
so on Wed morning I was over at the cottage
getting the last one finished.
I should have left one unfinished.....

Since my mom had not seen the ugly pink/white fabric
she had no idea of the real impact of the change.
Infact she said "I think the chairs look great.
"I don't think they need to be redone"
"MMMM--Mom, I already did them."
"Oh well, in that case--
I LOVE them.!"
Glad I can oblige.

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