Friday, October 3, 2008

the sign in book

For my nephews wedding
I was asked to make the sign in book.
For those that know me well--
know that i love to scrapbook--
well actually i love to collect scrapbook supplies
because lets be honest--
who has the time?
Often i find that the only time i get to scrapbook
is when i am at work ---
then i can manage to squeeze it in.
Often you can find me scrap booking on my bus--
or in the stands of a game i am attending--
Never an idol moment in my life.

Now i am not a fast scrapbooker--
In fact I am very,VERY slow.
I am very methodical in my approach--
it takes me forever to make a decision--
and then i vacillate about the correctness in my choices--
it is enough to drive me crazy--
So with this being said--
I was even more stressed
since this project was for someone else--
someone i love--
someone i would and will see often--
so i wanted it to be perfect-
or at least good--
maybe even amazing....
Can I just say--
I was adding glaze pen to the monogram letter
as we were driving
(don't worry i was the passenger)
I think it turned out pretty good--
My sis-in-law was happy.

So by now i am sure you want to see a picture
of this work of art,
this all time consuming feat of love.....
And i will say, so would I--

See that thing in front of the pictures?

That is the book--
with all the many other pictures i took
I managed to forget my work of love and patience
and this is the only picture i took of it--

I think i will have to work on getting some close-ups later


1 comment:

Michelle Aguilar said...

oh that is a cute book, i double-clicked and could see it a little better. Is that the one you were working on with those red and black supplies in your hand at SBE? Cute and good job. Ok take care