Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Excited by dust

Recently i was watching a show on the History channel
about the Dust Bowl.
I was quite fascinated about this--
seeing how they had this horrible drought
for many years
and yet not one mention of
global warming
and yet they had this extreme weather in the 30's--
little to no rain....
and fewer cars to cause this condition
and they hadn't even begun to cut down the rainforest yet...
that is really not what I was going to write about--
so anyway back on the subject of
Many people actually died of dust in there lungs
it was so thick that as they would breath it in
and the moisture of the lungs would blend with the dust to create mud.
Mud for facials a good thing--
mud in lungs--not so....
I was thinking about that show today
as i was battling the dust bunnies in my living room--
Actually dust bunnies is far too tame for what i was battling--
lets just call them dust demons--
It is amazing how thick it can get when you ignore it long enough.
So armed with my shop vac i started this daunting task--
which made me think about how people cleaned before vacuums...
(why when we have it so much easier is it so much harder
to keep up with it all?)
I thought my valance in my living room had gotten faded from the sun--
the red was no longer bright--
it was a dull flat color....
I knew it was dusty so i took it out and shook it--
not much improvement...until
I sucked the living dust out of it.
It was RED again--
it was AMAZING!
I love when you can see the change right before your eyes..
as if you are doing a magic trick.
Who knew cleaning could be so exciting.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's cleaning story
it is a doozie--
I like to refer to it as the
black hairy crack--
just something to think about.

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middle age mormon mother said...

I think this is my very biggest cleaning problem. I like to be able to see the difference that I have made and therefore put off cleaning until it is beyond obvious that it needs done. Although it's nice to see the difference, it would probably be smarter on my part to clean a little more frequently.