Monday, October 27, 2008

Headaches and motivation

Do you ever have those days where you are amazed that anything got accomplished?

Where my house has been concerned-
I have been lacking in motivation for a long while now.
I lost my will to clean and organize--
my own crap.
I am gladly willing to help others
but when it came to my own disaster--
Not so much.

My mom offered to come over today
and give me a hand--or two.
Had she not been here i would have stayed in bed
with some ice on my head and my eyes closed---
but i didn't--I couldn't.
I had woken up with a WHOPPER of a headache--
that 3 ibuprofen didn't even touch..
Then we added to the mix,
3 Naproxen (my normal drug of choice)
and a 44 oz Pepsi (the real deal)
and my head started to feel a tad bit better.
I was able to function at a better rate.
I love the deep cleaning--
it makes me feel soooo good.
Even if it is only one room it makes such a difference--
who knows maybe i will find my motivation again.....

I think it has been hiding under the many layers of dust.

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