Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Awake but not moving

As previously mentioned before
I am not a morning person.
But the last two days, i have been up with the sun.

was not by my choice.
Little man felt the need to rise and shine at 5:45 am.
he slept in till 7 but it really didn't matter,
because i was wide awake.


Especially when I can sleep in?

While i am awake, I am not actually moving.
I should get up,
I should be productive,
I should be accomplishing something
I should take care of those things outside,
before it gets too hot
and melts off my skin.

You know it is hot,
when the weather is in the 80's
and it feels cool.
That is summer in most places.
It is crazy how quickly it gets HOT here.

I hope today will be a day of accomplishment.
My goal---
dig out the kids rooms
(and i am not using that term loosely)

Usually this job makes me REALLY cranky!!!
I go in and find things
that have been ignored
for far too long.

They kids are excited for the help
and hopefully once it is clean
it will stay that way for the rest of the summer.

Keep your fingers crossed.

I really should take a picture of the mess
but it is BAD--real BAD.

Wish us luck
and check back
just to make sure

1. that i haven't been swallowed up by the mess

2. that i am still talking to my children

Who knows,
maybe with the room clean
little man just might want to sleep in his room
instead of the comfy chair,

or my bed
where i found him this morning

I can be hopeful can't I?

1 comment:

sandalloons44 said...

I sure hope my 1st comment didn't go through and I am acting repeatative. LOL

Ok, well would you be interested in starting a recipe blog with me?
We could use yours or mine?
taht would be neat as we could both know the pass word and entry.

Ok, I saw you on CE volunteer again as how did you get to help?
I had asked to help before as I have been waiting for two years to go{patiently}. But, then this year I pulled up an email and I made it.

now I am in 6 swaps for the yahoo group plus 1 for scrapper challenge.

Well, take care