Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is there really such thing as cheap gas?

Today i filled up the van for
Drum roll please.......
$3.57 a gallon!!
You know it is a sad day
when we are cheering for gas
that is over $3.00
Before your reply
to find out where i got this crazy deal,
I will let you in on my secret.
That cranky
Albertson's store
gave me a coupon for
.50 off each gallon.
(where is that blasted cent sign?)
My car was not completely empty today
but i did manage to squeeze in 17 gallons
and got a whopping $8.50 back.
So i guess i will quite cursing them under my breath.
I did go in and get 20 more specials
and wouldn't you know it
I grabbed the wrong item
because the were out of the sale item
and someone had filled the space with the non-sale item.
So here i am at the checkout
making another spectacle of myself
all in the name of saving 5 bucks.
(There was a lady at the next stand over
that was a bigger spectacle than me today)
I just don't think i have good karma
when it comes to that store.....
But i did love,
{how shall i say it}
"Cheaper Gas".........

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