Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Parental frustrations

today the blue bird of happiness came and dropped a load of "life" on my house.
Not too happy at the moment.

According to my child,
my sole purpose is to make their life miserable.!
I am the devil reincarnate---

lets dwell on that one for a minute
shall we.?

Not the fact that i am being accused of being the devil,
because if i really was the devil

i would care less what they are doing
and the consequences that their choices are bringing them.

The devil does not outwardly make your life miserable.
He disguises things as fun and desirable.
That his choices of slothfulness,procrastination,giving up,
will make us happy--
{and maybe for a while we are.}

But true happiness comes from having goals
and reaching them.
From being tried and tested.
pushing forward when things get tough.
and in return for the hard work and frustration,
we become stronger.

As parents we try to direct our children
to paths that will take them where they will want to go.

Sometimes it is more like a push---
and the reason we push is
{because with our hind site wisdom,}
we know what will bring them the happiness that they desire.

Whether they believe it or not
we do this
because we love them.

If we didn't--
it would be far easier to say
"Do what you want--I really don't care"

But i do care--gosh darn it.
{And so i sit here--being the bad guy}

Gee, some days i just love being a parent...........
Just not TODAY.

If you have never been hated by your child,

you have never been a parent.
Bette Davis,the Lonely Life

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