Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm so far behind i think i'm in first

I am going to bed
already behind.
You know those kind of days
where the "to do" list
far out weighs
the "to done" list.
Where you are already so far behind,
you even question getting up?
--so you think to yourself
Sleep is overrated.
Maybe i should just stay up?
--accomplish some of that list
and then i can sleep in the car.
Not going to happen though.
I am getting too old to stay up all night
--it takes my poor body too long to recover.
I will do what i can
and the rest will work itself out.
I am trying to give myself positive affirmations
in regard to the many things that i need to do.
(Most of it is self imposed deadlines)
I am feeling overwhelmed
This summer is moving at warp speed.
Summer school is over for the kids
and things will only continue to speed up from here.
--even next week i have so many things i need to get done
before we leave for Mexico/the Beach.
I probably should make a list
but i think that would probably put me over the edge
and send me screaming in fear.
(if you find me balled up in the corner
you know i actually put my many tasks down in writing)
So for now
i will concentrate on
(if i have any clean clothes left to wear
---that laundry thing is on that overwhelming list)

We are headed to Mt. Baldy
for a weekend of
It should be a grand time.
and i can hardly wait to leave the heat behind.
It has gotten
--the kind of hot that
sucks the life from your body,
and leaves you in a limp, tired stupor
by the time the afternoon rolls around.
Oh the joys of summer life in Arizona
-well at least the Valley anyway.


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