Wednesday, June 4, 2008

closing doors

my "baby" is becoming independent.
{yes i know he is almost 7}
I think of the book--
I love you forever----
{"as long as I'm living my baby you'll be".}
but with all his delays,
he has remained little to me.
And then there are those days
that he pops off some maturity.
And i am left sitting in awe
of his new found independence.
Left wondering what my role is?
Have i been replaced?
I think since he is "my baby"
i cherish each of these moments,
because i have realized how fast the do go by.
I have figured out that before you know it
another door has closed on a moment in childhood.
Sometimes you don't even realize that a door has closed,
until you pause and reflect back,
and see the transitions for what the were.
Growing Up.

Today i heard a door slam--
I saw it happen.
I am glad that it has occurred.
So why do i have tears in my eyes?

In dropping my baby off at day camp
he let me know in no uncertain terms
that he didn't need me.
With a wave,
and the words "Bye-Bye",
and a sweetly blown kiss
{so i couldn't feel totally hurt}
he walked into his class
without so much as a look back.

Gee MOM--


Melanie said...

Look at you getting all brave and changing the "look" of your blog. It looks great!! D Ray says it looks pimped out in flowers:)

OK said...

Your blog is WAY cool!
You are such an inspirational person. I appreciate your comments you leave on my blog. It truly has gotten me through many bad days, and has brought a smile to my face. You will never know the impact you have had on my life, and I appreciate all that you say and do for me.
I think you are awesome! And so glad your little boys is showing progress. I am sure you are being blessed for all of your kindness in my behalf. I pray that you will have good things come your way!
Love ya,