Thursday, June 5, 2008

At 39 I'm just a youngin'

It is official.
I am the last hold out.

I am the baby of the group.
{out of our core group of friends}

I am the only one still in my "30's".
{Mind you it's not for much longer}

Yesterday my sister-in law

crossed the 40 year old thresh hold
so tonight in honor of this momentous occasion

The Toe Head Family

and friends gathered together--
(these are the names that Kims grandma has given to each family)

Grandpa and Grandma Jones--hard to believe but true

The bishops family (who happen to be childless this week)

The Short Family
(I personally prefer the term "vertically challenged")

The Lamenite Family (who are trying to empty their nest)

And then we have the pilots/bishops wife

who's husband was M.I.A. using the excuse of "working"
(does "having" to fly to Hawaii and stay overnight really count as work?)

Like a torch being passed from one generation
to the next,
so goes the

It really is quite a lovely thing.

I am sure that many of you are wondering--

where can I get one of these?

To which i would have to respond.

{that like a cherished heirloom,}

it is something to be passed on

from one generation

to the next.
I am looking forward to receiving

this little bit of loveliness in November
--although it does seem more like a

"spring and summer" look
--than fall--
maybe i should pass on it?

Sheli embraced this rite of passage

and wore this BEAUTIFUL

[one size fits all]

{no need to worry about the spills showing}


she worked it
like she was on
she "owned" the look

and like a trooper that my brother is

notice :

he still held her hand as they walked out .

"do these flowers make my butt look big?"
Never mind don't answer that.

Love ya sheli--and i hope you had a good birthday. Did i post enough pictures for you?

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Denise said...

That was so much fun last night!! I love the last was worth a good laugh!! It was a fun week...I felt like everyday was friday. We'll have to do that again soon....