Sunday, June 15, 2008

crazy life

Things have been CRAZY busy.
Feel like i have been on warp drive the last few days.
I did try to post from the hotel in Cali
but i guess my network was down because the post is gone.
Dear Hubby informed me that he had to work in San Diego last week--
and with that
I decided that i would take the my three youngest
and enjoy some days of cooler weather.
So even with the gas prices over $4.oo
we jumped in the car and were off.
It is amazing how you can forget
that it really does cool down in other places.
My poor children thought that winter had revisited them.
And did they pack warm clothes--
because when we left it was in the 100's
I wasn't even anticipating the 60 degree weather that we encountered.
I LOVED it!!!
What a nice time.
What a nice trip.
Now back to the reality
my real life vs. vacation life.


middle age mormon mother said...

I don't like real life very much today. I'm ready to go back to vacation life. Where did you go in San Diego? I looked for you on the beach, but I didn't see you.

Jennifer said...

Oh, just go again! :-)