Saturday, June 7, 2008


I almost went to bed without posting---
but i am waiting.
Waiting for dear daughter #1 to come through the door. {Isn't it a bit ironic that you wait 9 months for them to arrive, and from that point on you continue to WAIT for them}

It is amazing how a call from a boy can change plans. My daughter informed me that she was NOT going to the Tri-Stake Dance since she had a work party to go to. Then she got this call from a boy from Corona(who was going to the dance--she had met him through her club swim team.) So she went to the work party and left early so she could go to the dance and now they are out having ice cream-- (does that constitute a date?--since i haven't met him yet I certainly hope not)
and i am waiting
and blogging.

My feet are killing me!!!
I spent the afternoon in the laundry room
and i think standing on the tile took its toll--
I love deep cleaning.
I get such satisfaction
knowing that inside
or under things are clean.
The rest of the world will never
move my stove out or
pull out my fridge and check to see if it is clean underneath---
but i know it is and
that fills me with some sense of
warped joy.
Today i was cleaning out the cabinets
in the laundry room--
something that mainstream America
(or even my friends)
will never check--
but man it makes me feel good.
(Well except for the feet.)
I am 4 loads from being caught up on my laundry
and that mostly consists of blankets
that need to be washed and put away for the summer--
if that isn't something
to put a smile on my face.
I love being caught up
why,Oh why, can it not stay that way?
because i live in a home with
5 children
and they wear clothes.

(Although i do have a few that are trying to pass an option clothing rule--
Not going to happen--not prudent---and who pray tell says that?)

Did i mention that
i HAD to take a pregnancy test today?
And i failed it.
Either way I am not pregnant
{did i have you going?}
--I have never taken a pregnancy test that didn't turn up positive--
so today was a first, and i hope the last time
i ever have to take one--
been there done that.
I am so over being pregnant.
I knew there was no chance
and was a bit insulted that i had to pee on the stick.

It was a pre-requisite to the DEXA scan that i had done.
That is a test that measures bone density.
Kinda cool--especially considering my family history of osteoporosis.
It was the last thing i had to do for this nutrition study.
If any of you are interested in helping out some grad students
and having some comprehensive tests done,
they are in need
of more women up to 41 years old.
You don't have to change your lifestyle at all.
In fact the whole point is them gathering info.
So ladies--who are under the age of 41,
not pregnant and not nursing.
Step up--it harmless
(except for the pregnancy test)

Daughter is home--so that's all I wrote

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Alli said...

my hair is cute. i love it. girls camp was SO MUCH FUN. but collld.