Thursday, June 19, 2008


Somehow "things" manage to work out.
"Things" always look better in the morning
and with a good nights sleep it is amazing the "things" you can face.
My laundry will be here waiting for me when i get back
along with the many other "things" i have brewing these days.
It all works out---eventually.

I am excited to be getting out of the heat.
My boys are excited to be left behind with Grandma.
She knows how to show them a good time.
My girls have quit arguing about what jacket each of them will be wearing
and are managing to get along.
One has resigned to the fact that her parents are going along on this outing.
Most youth think were pretty fun to hang with,
hopefully she can see that were OK.
I think i managed to surprise her today.
I was playing my "playlist" on my computer
she came downstairs and asked where i got that music.
"It's my playlist-- I picked the music"
imagine the shock and awe
when i was playing the music that
listens too.
She kinda smiled and realized
that i couldn't be totally out of it
if i like her music.
Maybe this is a turning point in our lives
maybe she will begin to realize
that we are not completly out of touch.
i will see her crack a smile this weekend
and maybe,
just maybe,
I will be able to capture the event on film.
Cross your fingers
and wish me luck.

I am off...........

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