Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He's still a guy

Where does the time go? We have more daylight, I am up more hours and I feel like i am accomplishing alot and yet..... I feel like time is flying by me and I still have a ton of things that i want to do and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day? I miss my regular date with my blog. I have been having "BLOG" thoughts but by the time i get to bed i am not too coherent, so by the wayside goes the blog. I think "i will do it in the morning" only to find myself up and running, and we all know that once the day is started there is no turning back.

This is a warning--if children are reading this--
(especially mine)
they might want to turn back now--
or risk being "grossed out" ...........
and dear hubby just remember "I warned you"

Remember how i wrote about music triggering memories.
"I'm still a guy" by Brad Paisley
is my new "happy" song.
(Usually this entails me turning it up and singing at the top of my lungs)
It makes me break out in a smile every time i hear it.
While we joke about my dear hubby being
"part woman"
with his cooking abilities and all
(he does a very good job of keeping me
(--that is fat and happy if you were wondering)
Also his love for the movie
(which in my mind is the ultimate in a chick flick)
but all that aside
---he is still a guy.

This man loves to watch sports--
any sports.
(And if he can't watch he is listening to it on the radio or checking scores on his phone)
Pro Bowling could be on
and he would stop and at least pause to take a look.
Now unlike this song he is not a big fisher--but has ventured out when the occasion arose.

{notice the lovely tan line around the ankles--

one of the side effects of playing golf}

And he has been known to go hunting in the past.

I am glad he is my guy--
(most of the time.)

There are those occasions
where his being a guy makes me roll my eyes.
For instance:
Having him encourage my youngest to
"pull his finger"
and having him play the "butt" trumpet
which in turns makes "little one" crack up laughing.
I am told i should be


after all,

he is entertaining the kids.

or how about our recent date night....
where we went out to dinner.

he was seated facing the window and the sun was shining right through it.
The waiter commented that if it was a problem
let him know, and he would shut the blinds.
After he had walked away hubby made the comment to me that it was OK,
because now he could wear his sunglasses--
"and no one would know....
if he was looking at my boobs."

Did he really just say that?
So at that point
i proceeded to show my indignation at the comment.
To which he responded
"I should be happy"
"Yes, HAPPY"
That after 20 years of marriage
(that is a hard one to believe)
he still thinks of me like that.
I guess that is a good thing.
And he has been known to hold my purse
"He's STILL a GUY!"

I am happy most of the time.
Thanks for being the "guy" in my life
and being a great dad to your kids.

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