Friday, June 27, 2008


i try to be a positive person.
i try not to let the little things ruffle my feathers.
{After all i really don't look that good in ruffles.}

After looking at the store ads today
I decided that it would be worth my time to shop at
Mind you this is a store that i rarely shop at
I think maybe i have an aversion to Albertsons
since the day when i was 9 months pregnant and was
rear-ended by one of their semi's.
(that is a story to be written another day)
my husband called me
and found out where i was at--
he was a bit shocked and made the comment--
why are you shopping at the expensive store?
But i told him it was because of this great sale on stuff.
So i proceeded to load my basket
It was FULL
It was OvERfuLL
It was beyond precarious.
My balancing act was one turn away from coming undone.
I slowly navigated my way up to the checkout.
I almost-(repeat almost) made it without losing everything.
just as i was about to make the turn to the
finish line,
i mean checkout,
my beautiful balancing act started to come undone.
It was as if i had filled my basket with dominoes,
and they started to tumble.
My proverbial house of cards
was falling down around me.
Some kind gentlemen came to my assistance and
saved my balancing act.
Feeling slightly embarrassed
that i had filled my cart SOOOO full
the cashier proceeds to casually mention to me
"There is a limit of 20 sale items"
You are kidding me--
--he was most apologetic
but only 20 items would be at the sale price.
What a RIP.
At this point i am feeling rather ornery.
I am tired and hungry
and my blood sugar is low.
Not to mention
"do you have any idea what it took to get this
BULGING basket up to this point?"
So ya know what i did?
I only bought 20
of those sale items.
I did buy some other stuff
(like the circus cookies that i had broken open
to fend of passing out from hunger)
but it just peeved me
that they have several hundred items
included in this sale
and you can only have 20?
I ended up filling a basket to go back,
and yet i still walked out of there with 2 carts.
I remember why i don't shop there too often.
And the next time a sale comes along,
I will think twice if i want to go through that agony again.
I guess it really was
a blessing in disguise
I had just that much less stuff to put away
and i really didn't need those 6 tubs of ice cream anyway....


sandalloons40 said...

oh that stinks!
I hardly shop there at all and have run into the same problems there or shall I add safeway also. You know that it is the time we have and the energy we are wasting to shop and then this happens.
I can relate to you 100%!
I used to work at ABCO and could not tell customers there was a limit so I would ring things up separate. They really should of been more excepting of you and let you just buy the items.

where do you generally shop?

mom of fab five said...

the normal stores that i haunt are usually sam's club or costco--their baskets are bigger to start with--although i have been known to fill them to capacity as well, and then i will pop into frys for the smaller stuff on occasion.
leigh ann