Sunday, June 29, 2008

so here's the question.
Will you miss me?
Will you even know that i am gone?
I am not entirely sure about my ability
to post while we are down in Mexico.
Personally the thought
of being in the real world for an entire week,
{vs. the cyberspace one}
kinda gives me the willies.

My goal when i started this
was to use it as a journal.
And my goal is to have an entry for every day this year.
Now that does not mean that i have written every day--
some days i play catch up and post twice,
and then there are those evenings when i stay up all night
killing time,
So with all this in mind,
I have tried to blog ahead,
in the event that i am without wireless access.
{Shun the thought}
You now can date your post for the future,
and that is what i have done--
so even if i cannot post first hand,
I will be posting.
The sad part is
i will have to wait till i return home
to see how/what everyone else did while i was gone.

I promise,
i will try not to have too much FUN.
It will be hard,
enjoying the cool weather,
and maybe even scrap booking.
Like i said,
and Misery....

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